Never Lose Sight Of What Matters With EZY GPS

Always know where you stand with effortless tracking of your vehicle. With outstanding GPS trackers and software, EZY GPS are confident we can take care of all your vehicle tracking needs.

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Easy to set up and use for Plug-In and Hard-wired GPS
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Durable tracking devices with a Limited Warranty

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Real-time asset tracking and performance monitoring

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Simple, intuitive desktop and app software

Now you can have premium quality tracking without sacrificing quality for price

EZY GPS is the groundbreakingly affordable, high-quality GPS tracking solution suitable for any vehicle on the road. We offer dozens of features to help you monitor your fleet, keep track of vehicles, detect break-ins, and more. Our goal is to make your life easier with simple and affordable tracking.



255,000 Reviews



198,000 Reviews

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GPS Fleet Tracking That’s Both Effective and Affordable

Unleash the Potential of Your Fleet with EZY GPS Technology. EZY GPS Focuses on Providing Essential Features for Vehicle Tracking.

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Check our EZY GPS App

Manage Your Whole Fleet from Your Pocket. Experience Staying Connected with the Power of GPS Vehicle Tracking on Our Mobile App.

EZY GPS helps you track with precision

EZY GPS is focused on helping you spend less time managing your fleet and vehicles and more time growing your business. Our software is designed to be of high quality yet with simplicity in mind, allowing you to track and monitor your vehicles with just a few clicks. Our software allows you to be able to manage your fleet directly from your computer or mobile device, giving you complete control and visibility over your vehicles at all times.

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EZY GPS Helps You Track With Precision

Streamline your fleet management with our user-friendly GPS software.

Hear What Our Customers Have to Say


“We have been using EZY GPS trackers for some time now and everything has been a smooth ride. The software is amazing, so detailed and easy to use. It has been a positive experience, highly recommend.”

Reztor Restoration


“We really like how great the tracking software is and EZY GPS really live up to their name-they do make the whole process very easy. Not going anywhere else for tracking services.”

Restoration Warehouse

Special Offer

Receive a free Car GPS Tracking Device with each subscription plan at $120 + GST per vehicle per annum. Includes SIM Data. Order as many as you need—no limit!